Product Box Voice Reselling
Reselling of Tele2 Business Telephony products
Advantages Voice Reselling
  • Worldwide Premium Quality voice termination
  • Highly competitive termination rates
  • Full Fax Support
  • For switchless voice reselling partners we offer the Tele2 Business Voice product.
  • As a Tele2 reseller you manage the full customer relationship under your own brand and Tele2 provides top business service to maximize your customers satisfaction.


  • Classical switchless reselling product and VoIP Interconnection on SIP.
  • Full Fax support and worldwide Premium Quality voice termination via plenty of own directs on our Tele2 own backbone network in Europe and worldwide coverage via more than 40 directs and Austrian national & international Telecom partners.
  • Cost effective and highly competitive A-Z termination rates.
  • Quick customer line set up in Tele2 switches via Tele2 Carrier access code 1002 via preselection or call-by-call access.
  • Basic access (BA) and Primary access (PRI) service.
  • Accurate and quick call data record provisioning feature on FTP.
  • Leased line provisioning and ULL in Austria via Tele2 own backbone or partners.


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